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Lee Roofing has over 14 years of experience with a multitude of various manufacturers and roof systems. Lee Roofing has the right people, background and experience, to meet any and all your roofing needs.

An important factor in extending the useful life of any roof is to keep up with regular inspection, maintenance and repairs. Lee Roof experts are trained to investigate and were needed repair any and all roof types to comply with all manufacturers recommendations and specifications.

Lee Roofing is the premier roofing expert Company in the Miami Area, dedicated to delivering the best results:

  • Fully licensed in the state of Florida
  • Fully Insured
  • Transparent in our pricing – there are no hidden costs
  • Honest in our appraisals
  • Thorough in our work
  • Committed to only use experienced professionals

South Florida’s Leader in Roofing Systems

Our Advice

When choose the right pitched roof or flat roofing services, finding the right contractor for you can be stressful and take up your valuable time. Our advice is that it’s important to get things right first time, as no one wants to finish up with more a whole load of problems more than those you started out with.

That’s why our services cover every type of sloped and flat roofing problem.

We offer comprehensive and accurate roof inspections by trained and experienced roofing professionals. You might not see a problem, but they will. One important service Lee roof offer is leak testing, as the source of a leak can be hard to trace.

Often, a leak is caused by a single problem. This might be a bad weld or termination which is allowing water, especially heavy rain, through. Another problem is dripping condensation, which can be caused by insulation or other problems. Our Miami roofing company team will trace the cause and then will see if it’s easily fixed, so there might be no need for you to invest in a roof replacement. There are many ways to test for leaks and either we can do that service for you, or we put you in contact with other experienced professionals who we trust.

We work across both the residential domestic market and also the industrial, public and retail sectors. All these sectors have regulations to adhere to and the regulations can be very specific. in some commercial markets, especially where any food preparation or fire hazards are part of the picture. That’s why at Lee Roofing we pretty much see every type of flat or sloped roofing problem that needs fixing.

Living or working somewhere with an unsightly or faulty roof is a hassle. Mold can take hold and water damage can hurt the contents of the building, as well as it’s fabric. Your building will start to smell and hazardous fungal toxins can be released by some molds, which can be a serious health hazard.

If you are planning to rent, lease or sell a building, damp and Mold it is a big turn – off to a prospective tenant or purchaser. That’s going to slow down your renting agreement or sale (costing you money) or reduce the price you will get.

Lee Roof service anything from small to very large refurbishment projects. It can be some small issue where the roof is just slightly leaking and threatening to cause property or structural damage. It can be something much larger, for example, through converting a flat roof to a new rooftop patio, rooftop garden, rooftop terrace or rooftop balcony area, and pretty much anything else in between. For example, we can work with Hotels and Restaurants in the Miami area to turn dead unproductive flat roof space, to revenue-generating areas that attract custom and can even have Bars, Cafe’s, etc. located there.
We can also work on residential properties to transform a boring roof into another living area of the apartment or house. That makes the residential property more enjoyable to live in but also can make a huge difference to its market value and curb appeal.

Parts of Miami are already very crowded places where floor space can be at a premium and buildings can be very valuable. We’ve all heard about some of the crazy prices per square foot around some parts of Miami, right? Not all flat roofs, of course, are suited to this kind of treatment but many Miami area residents and businesses are sitting on a potential flat-roof bonanza and they just don’t realize it yet. They just don’t appreciate that they have an untapped asset in their current flat roof, given a modest investment.

The team here at Lee Roof know all of this very well and we can and do work ourselves or with other construction professionals, to help our customers transform their flat-roof property and make an investment that will pay back quickly.

Our roofing company office is based in Miami and our team cover all of South Florida. You can see our company’s high-quality work across the whole Miami area.

We’ll be happy to discuss your flat or sloped roof needs for you, whether they are for a new build, a full replacement, a long-term repair or a short-term fix, including emergencies.

You can contact us at: Direct: (786) 357-6691Office: (786) 429-1347 or Hendrick@LeeRoofingContractors.com.

We’ll be happy to talk you through your options and find the right solution to your any of your roof needs. So, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to take it from there.

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