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The roof is a crucial part for any property. As a homeowner, you need to know when your roof needs repair, replacement, improvement or any issues that need to be addressed. To fulfill all your roofing needs, seeking help from a roofing service provider is of utmost importance as they have the expertise and experience.

Lee Roofing is a premier Roofing Company offering all kinds of roofing services in Pinecrest. We provide personalized care when it comes to the roof of your property. Besides roof installation, roof repairs, maintenance and roof replacement, we offer roof inspection & roof replacements services for old and new properties in Pinecrest.

We are a reliable roofing specialist and we construct New Roofs to protect your investment and enhance your residential and commercial property. Whether you need flat or slopped New Roofs, we do all.

At some point in time, you may have to deal with a damaged roof that is beyond repair. We inspect your property thoroughly before suggesting a repair or replacement. Being a reliable Roofing Company Pinecrest, we provide dependable Roof Replacements with best quality materials and by certified professionals. We make sure to complete the roof replacement process on the same day. Our Roof Replacements come with a warranty.

Roofing Services

  • Sloped roof systems-shingle roofing, shake roofing, metal roofing
  • Flat roof systems
  • Roof installation, replacement, repair and maintenance.


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A sloped roof system is a great way to prevent water from pudding on your roof. Building a sloped roof over the flat roof is an option. For homeowners looking to add roofing to a new construction, a sloped roof is the way to go.

Shingle Roofing

The most popular type of roofing for residential homes is shingle. About 75% of homes in the Miami area are roofed using shingles.

Shake Roofing

Some Miami homes opt for this system, using good-looking wood on their roof. Traditional shake roofing is very popular on some upscale houses.

Metal Roofing

The most popular roof for commercial and public buildings, metal roofs are tough and versatile.

Why choose us?

As a fully licensed and certified Roofing Company Pinecrest, we have worked with various kinds of roofing systems. For all our Roofing Pinecrest projects, we have access to high-quality materials. We offer Green/Energy efficient roofing systems for residential and commercial roofs that complies with LEED requirements.

We have a highly skilled team and have established a proven reputation in Pinecrest for meeting emergency situations that may come up with your roof. We are transparent when it comes to pricing and make sure to hire only trained and experienced professionals. Call us today for any of your roofing needs and have peace of mind!