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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property. A roof protects the structure of the building, the contents and the people inside it. Few people do not think about their roofs until things go wrong. The team of experts here at Lee Roof in Miami know all too well that even a small problem with a roof can lead to damaging and expensive leaks. What’s more, a weak roof leaves your building vulnerable to storms and especially hurricane damage.

So, take care of your roof and your roof will take care of you. What’s more, if you are planning to sell, lease or rent a property, make sure you have a sound and good-looking roof and you will have a great looking building with plenty of curb appeal to a prospective buyer, lease or renter.

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Lee Roofing Company has over 14 years of experience with a multitude of various manufacturers and
roof systems. Lee Roofing has the right people, background and experience,
to meet any and all your roofing needs in Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Culter Bay, Kendall, Miami and surrounding areas..


7-10 Year Roof Replacement Labor Warranty.


3-5 Year Repair Labor Warranty.


25 Year Roof Manufacturer Warranty.


24-48 Response Time!


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  • Dimensional Shingle Roof Systems
  • Tile Roof Systems
  • Metal Roof Systems


The most popular roof system for residential homes is a dimensional shingle roof system. 90% shingle roof systems are performed in dimensional shingle by Lee Roofing. Lee Roofing offers 100% best price guarantee in dimensional shingle roof system!


The most durable system in the industry. Metal Roof System are capable of sustaining wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour.

Why You Need Roofing Contractors or Companies

Miami roofs have a tough life with extreme weather conditions. Our team here at Lee Roofing provide 24/7 emergency services to assist you immediately with your roof needs.We offer a free roof inspection report, Miami roofs have a tough life with the extreme weather conditions. Our team here at Lee Roofing see every day what the combination of heat, humidity, mold and storms can do. We offer a free roof inspection report in order to properly address your roof needs.

Your roof is a critical part of the structural integrity of your home.
Lee Roofing is specialized in many different roof systems such as: Hot Mop, Torch Down, TPO, Dimension Shingle, Tile Installation and Metal Installation Roof System.

At a minimum, a poorly done roofing job is going to need re doing, so you will end up paying twice. At worst, you could end up with expensive water or wind damage, that might affect the contents of your property as well as the structure. That means even more cost, time and hassle. Here at Lee Roofing, we unfortunately are all too aware of the results of botched jobs by inexperienced people or builders and sometimes our job is simply to put right someone else’s work.

South Florida’s Leader in Roofing Systems !

Residential & Commercial Roof REPLACEMENTS


At Lee Roofing we specialize in the project management and installation of new roof and re-roofing systems for all types of residential and commercial buildings. We are one of the well know roofing company in Miami.

Our South Florida location is staffed with a team of professionally trained personnel to assist building owners with any of their roofing system installation needs. We help residential and commercial building owners with budget pricing for future projects, provide written scope proposals, and deliver first class professional roofing systems.

We install prestigious quality roofing materials supplied by major manufactures of roofing products. Our business concept provides our clients the comfort and knowledge that their roof system is backed by industry leaders. We embody a philosophy of providing a standard of excellence for our valued clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you understand whether your roof needs a replacement?

Usually, you have to replace your roofs with the help of a roofing company in Miami after every 20 to 25 years because, by this period, essential materials start falling. If you are not sure of its age, you can look for signs like leaks, missing and curled shingles, internal water damage, mold, bald spots, dents, etc. If you have recently installed the roof and are already facing these issues, you need to call the roofing company in Miami that has installed it.

How to know whether your contractor is authentic or not?

The number of Miami roofing contractors is not less. However, from our years of experience, we have found that many people are concerned about the legitimacy of their roofing contractor in Miami Beach. While there is always a chance to be deceived by tricks, the best thing to do is choose a reliable and established roofing company in Miami Beach. Every company maintains a website where you can check their package details and online reviews and ask for recommendations. Always choose a roofer in Miami Beach who offers a strong warranty.

What is the best roof type?

Metal and asphalt shingles are the two most common options, with shingles being a more affordable choice. For the best pricing, you may check the websites of multiple roofing contractors in Miami, Florida, and compare.

How long do roofs last?

Asphalt roofs generally last for around 20 to 30 years. Whenever it completes its 20-year mark, it will be good to call a roofer in Miami Beach like LeeRoofing.

Should I go for a new roof if my current roof leaks?

The decision will depend on the reasons behind such leaks. If the reasons are minor, some repairs will be made. Our top roofing contractor in Miami Beach will guide you on this. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the best roofing experts in Miami. Just fill in the online form and tell us what you need for booking.